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Shinecon GO4EA VR Headset With Controller

Shinecon GO4EA VR Headset With Controller

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VR SHINECON G04EA VR Glasses 3D VR Google Cardboard Helmet for 5.5-7.2 inch Smartphone
1.Create a rich content platform with massive resources. 3D blockbuster movies are available for free download, whether it's action, thriller, sci-fi or romance.

2.Your private luxury cinema. Gradually, you can't tell the difference between virtual and reality. The 360° surround vision creates a comfortable immersive experience that makes the characters seem to be suspended in the air, making you more immersed in the wonderful content.

3.No deformed optical lenses. The new generation of Nano blue light lens ensures the light transmittance of the lens and effectively isolates the blue light wavelength radiation to avoid the damage caused by blue light to the eyes. Make the lens field of view wider. Ordinary products, the resin lens used can present a better clear experience.

4.The sound quality of high-fidelity headphones is better. Made of high-strength and lightweight composite materials, the weight is only 240g, which is equivalent to the weight of a mobile phone, turning the complexity into simplicity, creating a fully immersive VR experience.

5.Support myopia users below 600°. Supports direct naked-eye viewing within 600 degrees, with free adjustment of vision, avoiding dizziness and blurring.

6.Breathable cooling face cover. PU leather material, soft, breathable and more comfortable, bring affinity to your facial skin without any pressure.

7.Travel without leaving home. Travel through time and space, transport you to another world, anytime, anywhere, and virtual reality is close at hand.

8.Multifunctional humanized design. The front detachable adsorption design increases the heat dissipation space, and the heat is fast and fierce. It is easy to install and take, which solves the problem of hot wearing and mobile phone heat dissipation.

9.Wide compatibility. It is suitable for 5.5-7.2-inch smart models on the market, and the larger the screen, the higher the resolution, the better the 3D effect, and the more enjoyable experience it brings.

Product name: VR glasses
Product model: G04EA Shinecon enlarged version
Product material: ABS
Cushioning material: faux leather
Headband material: leather + artificial leather

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